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Many years ago, I spent a lot of time sewing.   You cannot sew without fabric.

I started providing hair extension a little later in my career, and I am so glad that I did!

Having the ability to “add hair” reminds me of my days that I spent sewing.

Why?  Hair is like fabric.

The beauty of being able to fix someone’s hair by adding more or just a section is what made me think of it that way.


There are simply so many, many choices when creating a design.

  • What lengths?
  • What colors?
  • What texture?

How many colors?


Quick Change Artist


There is nothing more satisfying then spending an afternoon with a client and providing them in one afternoon…..what it would take years for them to grow!

When humor takes over….it is like being able to be part of a “quick change act”, however the makeover appointments can take anywheres from 6 to 11 hours!


In the end, I am awed by what a great product that Great Lengths produces for quality, and for me professionally, how real the end results are……and should be.


I have owned my own business for 17 years & my creativity owns me.    If you have not ever contemplated getting hair extensions, you really should.

Your styling options will be endless.   You will be able to “accessorize” your hair more than you have before, and will look at your hair & self in a different way.


Enjoy Life….Life is good!



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