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A Dose Of Fearless Motivation

Fearless Motivation

Motivation comes in all different forms.

I came across Fearless Motivation, one day, in 2018, and have been hooked since.

Their tracks are great to listen to, if you need a real kick in the seat of the pants, or need to maybe a different outlook or perspective on things.

Bad Service Makes You Spend More?

Bad Service Makes You Spend More?

Is it true?

“For luxury-goods retailers, nothing spikes sales like snubbing the customer.

Shoppers pining for a fancy handbag are more likely to pull out their credit cards than turn on their heels after encountering a rude clerk, according to new research” according to The Wall Street Journal.  



Pretty Women Syndrome or Not So Pretty


Have you ever walked into a store, and were made to feel uncomfortable?

How does that make you feel?

It is not 1990 anymore…..

Back in 1990, the only place to really go shopping was the mall or “a mall”.   Fast forward today, and some of the brick and mortar stores are closing left and right.


Can technology replace rude people?

As it is 2018, if you stop to think how many things can now happen online for shopping, then it is safe to say, that to some extent then answer can be “yes”.

However, what do you do if you really need to have your makeup “color matched”?    Then it stands to reason that type of “service” you still need to have that type of help in person.



Getting Snubbed At Different Ages

The irony of it all, at different ages & points of life

It is safe to say that snobs or simply rude people can be of any age.



Scenario #1    20 Something getting snubbed by “Middle Aged Clerk”Western Ma Blogger- Ann Marie Walts 2

The pre-judgement of “YOU SIMPLY CANNOT AFFORD IT” 

You are only about 20 something and you go into a store.   You see something that you want to buy, and it happens to be locked up in a case.

It is shiny.  It is sparkly, and you would simply like to look at it.

What you are gazing at, with one on your Bridesmaids is some pretty bridal costume jewelry.



You asked the clerk, “May I look at that please”……    


The middle aged sales clerk, looks down her nose at you….literally, and does not move to help you, and states, “Those are expensive.”


You blink because you are taken back that this rude clerk has no intentions of unlocking the glass case to show you the items.


What do you think you would do?   or what did that 20 something do or say?

The story unfolds…just like a scene out of pretty woman.   There is nothing more condescending than someone making assumptions about anyone’s finances are, at any age.


It is ok, if this were happen to you to do what this 20 Something did do, and it was this:

20 Something says to Middle Aged Clerk:

 That’s fabulous and I would like to see them, please.      You are in a store.   You go into a store to buy stuff, and not to allow someone to imply or to say to you…..”you cannot afford it”.


Store clerk –  She begrudgingly complied.

What happens next?

Just like a scene, ripped right out of “Pretty Woman”…..20 Something says,

I would like 5 Necklaces

5 Sets of Earrings

5 Sets of gloves

5 sets of stockings

5 bracelets.





2018 –  20 Something is Now 40 Something

The scenario:    More snobbery ensues…..many decades later.

The middle aged women is not the clerk, but is the customer.   She has worked hard all her life, and has money to spend.

Her and her daughter decide that they wanted to go to the mall…while it still exists.    Her daughter needed to be “color matched” for some under eye concealer, and so

does her mother.



Should assumptions still be made?

Upon entering a store, where you can buy cosmetics, the middle age mother was approached by a “20 Something” clerk.     This “20 Something” was so disinterested on waiting on a young teenager and someone that was “old enough to be her mother”.

It was so apparent, and unfortunate.


What happened next?

The mother needed her daughter to be color matched, and as did her mom.     They both asked for this service, and the “20 Something” really couldn’t be bothered to have them sit at one of the makeup stools, and give the proper service.


The “40 Something” has no problem speaking up –Politely of course, and re-requesting service, but the “20 Something” simply chose to ignore the requests, and was extremely dismissive.



Rude to A$$ume……period.

Western Ma Blogger- Ann Marie Walts

When you think of a “very young 20 Something bride”, in a retail store being waited on by a “40 something”; would may think that someone younger “might” not have the money to spend?



When you think of a “Middle Aged 40 Something”, in a retail store being waiting on “20 Something”; would you might think that someone older “might” have more money to spend?




HOW TO TIPS for dealing with a snob!


  1. Don’t buy into it. For a person’s snobbery to work, you have to agree that you are inferior. The antidote isn’t reverse snobbery; that only reinforces the notion that one of you must be better than the other. ”   Source Psychology Today

2.  If you are treated this way, when you are shopping, there is nothing wrong with being direct with the person or if you can tell that it  may not be received very well, then go seek a manager.

3.  Remember that it says nothing about you, and you do not have anything to prove.    It says everything about them. 


Closing thoughts:

The true adage that “you should never judge a book by it’s cover” is so very true. 


As much as “The Wall Street” journal and some articles claim that if a clerk is rude to you, that you may spend more?

Yeah….maybe they are right to some extent….you will wind up “spending more” time getting frustrated if you let the rude person get to you.

Do not feed into it.


You are a very pretty women.




Whether you are “20 something, 30 something, 40 something, 50 something, 60 something, 70 something, 80 something, 90 something…and if you are 100 something; then you simply rock!!!



~Thank you for reading,


Ann Marie Walts





Video- A Headshot With Makeover Testimonial

Video- A Headshot With Makeover Testimonial

Headshot Photography – Put At Ease

Are you ever a bit self conscious when getting your headshot photograph taken?

You are not alone, but when you are put at ease, when working with a professional photographer….it makes the whole experience much more fun!


Corines’ Story

In our video, Corine shares her own personal experience of what helped her have a pleasant experience.

I am always appreciative to have clients share the “what” worked for them.    Getting a makeover and a personal photo shoot are just that, personal.    The convenient offerings that really create a unique experience are the fact that, when you hire me….you can get your photographs, hair, and makeup done.    All by myself.

You will get a private & pampering appointment experience.



GL’s fabulous Nanci Lee is serving up tips on getting the perfect bohemian curl using our brand new GL Tapes⚡️Meet us in LA on July 9th at NeueHouse for an exclusive look at all of our newest products— including our brand new luxury tape-in system, bronde colors, and more! RSVP here: www.glusaevents.com ♥️.

Posted by GreatLengths on Friday, July 6, 2018

How To Create Bohemian Curls

GL’s fabulous @nancileehair is serving up tips on getting the perfect bohemian curl using our brand new GL Tapes⚡️Meet us in LA on July 9th at @neuehouse for an exclusive look at all of our newest products— including our brand new luxury tape-in system, bronde colors, and more! RSVP here: www.glusaevents.com ♥️.

Posted by Great Lengths USA on Friday, July 6, 2018

Conquer Your Frizzy Hair

Conquer Your Frizzy Hair

Hair Smoothing Treatments

Let’s see what hair smoothing treatments can do for you!

If you are tired of battling your frizzy hair, then you are not alone.   Your hair frizzes because it lacks moisture.  This is why when it get humid out, your hair will frizz.

There are many hair smoothing treatments that can help you conquer your frizzy hair!

  • Agave!  – Sugar based smoother
  • Cezanne – Glycolic acid & Keratin
  • Retex — Japanese Straightening (Permanent Straightening)




Healthier For Your Hair

If you are using a flat iron on your curly hair on a regular basis, then get a hair smoothing treatment will be healthier for your hair.    The reason why is that when you get a smoothing treatment, the treatment can and will make styling your hair easier.

If you have a curly haircut that is really meant to be blown out smooth, then getting a treatment will be the best thing that you have done yet.



To Smooth versus Make It Straight?


This will be really your personal preference.


Want it smoother?   

If you like your curl, and just want to get rid of the frizz then the technology of the “smoothers” can do that.

Cezanne for example can leave the texture, and get rid of the frizz.



Want to straighten it????   

If you cannot stand your curl and frizz then you will want to get a treatment like Retex done.   This is “Japanese Straightening”



How Long Will It Last?


Hair smoothing treatments can last 8 to 10 weeks!

Hair Straightening treatments can last up to 6 months!

So, can you imagine what you could do with all of your time that you are spending on using a flat iron to get the job done?

All of the excess heat can really damage your hair to a point of no return.     If you get your hair problem professionally treated, it will be healthier for your hair, in the long run.


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