Conquer Your Frizzy Hair

Conquer Your Frizzy Hair

Hair Smoothing Treatments

Let’s see what hair smoothing treatments can do for you!

If you are tired of battling your frizzy hair, then you are not alone.   Your hair frizzes because it lacks moisture.  This is why when it get humid out, your hair will frizz.

There are many hair smoothing treatments that can help you conquer your frizzy hair!

  • Agave!  – Sugar based smoother
  • Cezanne – Glycolic acid & Keratin
  • Retex — Japanese Straightening (Permanent Straightening)




Healthier For Your Hair

If you are using a flat iron on your curly hair on a regular basis, then get a hair smoothing treatment will be healthier for your hair.    The reason why is that when you get a smoothing treatment, the treatment can and will make styling your hair easier.

If you have a curly haircut that is really meant to be blown out smooth, then getting a treatment will be the best thing that you have done yet.



To Smooth versus Make It Straight?


This will be really your personal preference.


Want it smoother?   

If you like your curl, and just want to get rid of the frizz then the technology of the “smoothers” can do that.

Cezanne for example can leave the texture, and get rid of the frizz.



Want to straighten it????   

If you cannot stand your curl and frizz then you will want to get a treatment like Retex done.   This is “Japanese Straightening”



How Long Will It Last?


Hair smoothing treatments can last 8 to 10 weeks!

Hair Straightening treatments can last up to 6 months!

So, can you imagine what you could do with all of your time that you are spending on using a flat iron to get the job done?

All of the excess heat can really damage your hair to a point of no return.     If you get your hair problem professionally treated, it will be healthier for your hair, in the long run.


Artistic Photography Western Ma

Artistic Photography Western Ma

 Ann Marie Walts Photography Western Ma


Coming Soon!

Creativity lends itself to many ideas.  I am extremely excited to be opening my western mass photography studio, this fall.

If you are reading this, first of all, I want to say “thank you”!   Next, I want to share with you that my journey as a professional photography began in 2001.   That is when I fell in love with photography.

Over the course of the last 15 years, I have been very much involved within field of beauty.  western-ma-photographer-ann-marie-walts

Why, and how?   I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed being a makeover artist, first of all.

In fact, I still am.   My journey with my first (currently active) profession kept me very busy and influenced by other artists.

My photography work has been published in various, beauty related, publications.   I have enjoyed, immensely, the opportunities that have had me be “behind the scenes” photographing Fashion Week.

My style of photography is artistic, photojournalistic, and all the while connecting with people to put them at ease.

Ann Marie Walts Photography will be offering sessions by appointment only with focusing on consulting with clients, to best provide an excellent experience.

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Hair Extensions Are Like Extra Fabric

Hair Extensions Are Like Extra Fabric

Artistic ThinkingBest-Salon-For-Hair-Extension-Ma

Many years ago, I spent a lot of time sewing.   You cannot sew without fabric.

I started providing hair extension a little later in my career, and I am so glad that I did!

Having the ability to “add hair” reminds me of my days that I spent sewing.

Why?  Hair is like fabric.

The beauty of being able to fix someone’s hair by adding more or just a section is what made me think of it that way.


There are simply so many, many choices when creating a design.

  • What lengths?
  • What colors?
  • What texture?

How many colors?


Quick Change Artist


There is nothing more satisfying then spending an afternoon with a client and providing them in one afternoon…..what it would take years for them to grow!

When humor takes over….it is like being able to be part of a “quick change act”, however the makeover appointments can take anywheres from 6 to 11 hours!


In the end, I am awed by what a great product that Great Lengths produces for quality, and for me professionally, how real the end results are……and should be.


I have owned my own business for 17 years & my creativity owns me.    If you have not ever contemplated getting hair extensions, you really should.

Your styling options will be endless.   You will be able to “accessorize” your hair more than you have before, and will look at your hair & self in a different way.


Enjoy Life….Life is good!



Condescension Among Professions

Condescension Among Professions

Have you ever experienced, in a social situation, the infamous question of “what do you do?

There are times, looking back, that I feel that life can be so rushed.    I know that the back of my Barbie doll box did not come with a set of instructions for what  a grown up life would entail.       (Maybe a good thing it did not….hahaha)

As a kid, there seems to be no worries, troubles and the best tool that was used throughout a given day; was our imaginations.    Carefree bliss with no stresses of the big “what do you do?” question.

You could share blowing bubbles without a care in the world with your playmates without them caring or asking…..”well what type or brand of bubbles are you using, because I will only play with you if they are a certain type.”


What Do You Want To Be….when you grow up?


How about the “what do you want to be….when you grow up?”  question that was asked and probably caused a bit of added pressure.     Not everyone wakes up and knows the answer to that, and for some of us, if you do then you are lucky.

Myself personally, I knew that I wanted to be a “hairdresser”, and that was when I was about 8 years old.   Maybe for just, but a few of us, are we lucky enough to know the answer to that question, and to enjoy following through with that decision.

Condescension vs Quality of Enjoying life


Money, religion and politics are very, very hot topics that are rooted with strong emotional opinions.    I have been a hairstylist for close to 25 years, and have had the pleasure of working with very different people; from all walks of life.


Career Choice & Peer Pressure


What influences us to choose our careers?

  • Family
  • Wanting Status
  • Seemed like a good idea?


Sometimes it may be our family’s history of professions, but what do you choose when maybe your family does not have a certain career path history?

Or How about the “what if”…..your young decision is one that you want but your parents do not approve?

Or… do you simply decide, in general?


Best Advice…..

From my own personal and professional experiences, I can share with you that it is best to choose your path that will lead to you enjoying   the best quality of life.

It will be you, that has to go to that job (profession) that you chose.   If the choice is based more on a chart, that projects the annually salary versus your personal interests ; then it could wind up being a really long “grown up” road.


Peer Pressure & Approval

About 20 years ago, I was at a dinner party when I first experienced “condescension regarding my profession”.    I was asked, the famous question of ‘what do you do?”, by another women.

That was when I realized that sometimes others, put “value” or judge others by what someone has chosen for a profession.

What happened?  

As soon as I responded, with enthusiasm…..”I am a hairstylist!”; she then said, “oh….” and turned away from me.      At that moment of time, I thought “wow”, and knew that it takes very different walks of life to make up the world, and also that maybe the profession that I choose, was one that some did not think much of.

As she turned away…..I also had a funny little thought.   Even if she was very condescending, I knew that she probably had a hairstylist.


Money & Living Life

The history of money goes back for centuries.

Not all of us are born with millions, and may never build a social media website that impacts the world….hahaaha    However, finding what makes yourself happy can certainly aid you to making your own choices.

In the early 90’s, I was at Staples when I came across a book called “Your Money Or Your Life”. 

Even though I was only in my 20’s, the title intrigued me enough to buy it.    It was so interesting, that it impacted the way I looked at money, shopping decisions and how our working equity is really our lifespan.   (Being healthy are the real riches in life)


“Enjoy Life”

The riches that we can experience, from day to day, are the people that we meet.

Not so long ago, I had the pleasure of meeting someone that shared their frustrations.   They were frustrated with other peoples judgements, of the “what do you do?” topic.

For some, maybe your life’s choices have lead you to being able to:

  • Work from home
  • Pursue traveling
  • Pursue artistic interests


In social situations, some can be very forward or borderline nosy, when it comes to asking that very personal question.   It certainly can create an awkward situation, and especially at a “black tie affair”.

In listening to my acquaintance’s dilemma, this is what came to me…..”ENJOY LIFE”.



I told them, that the next time someone (that is nosy) asks, “What do you do?”

ANSWER them with this:

“I enjoy life.”

I also told them, if the person persists and again asks “What do you do?”


Answer……”I enjoy life”…….and walk away.


Everyday can have “vacation moments”

When you adopt the “enjoy life” answer for yourself, you may experience a sense of ease or even less pressure about “how” you earn “the money” to pay for the things that you want & need.

What path you choose to get their……….is only your business.


No condescension necessary……….simply enjoy life!


Written by Ann Marie Walts

















Don’t Get Burned By Your Sunsrceen

Don’t Get Burned By Your Sunsrceen

Some Sunscreens Not Safe?

Everyday is a day to learn something new, and I was very disappointed to learn, most recently, that some of the well know sunscreens may not be the best choice for my family. has an article that lists some of the brands that did not make the cut.     I would of never thought that the protection that I was slathering on to protect my skin from pre-mature aging or the worst… cancer; would not be good for me all together.
Lemongrass Spa Sunscreen is safe for the whole family!
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Here is a list of it’s ingredients:
Ocean Friendly Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30: Made with an 100% all-natural unscented formula that is safe to use on face and body. Goes on clear and helps keep skin hydrated. Also available in a 2 oz TSA-friendly travel size.
Active Ingredients Titanium Dioxide (6.0%) and Zinc Oxide (6.0%) Inactive Ingredients: Aqua (Deionized Water), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Extract, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Oleosomes, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Glucoside, Cetearyl Olivate, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Oil, Gluconolactone, Glycerin, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Wax, Lecithin, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Oil, Sorbitan Olivate, Tocopherol (Vitamin-E), Xanthan Gum
To purchase some for your family you can visit:
Keeping safe in the sun from the sun itself and your protection is so very important.

Don’t get burned….

Lemongrass Spa’s Sunscreen made the safe list!!

Eyelash Extensions Trend On The Rise

Eyelash Extensions Trend On The Rise

Eyelash Extensions On The Rise


Who would think that eyelash extensions would be a thing?

In the past 10 years, the industry has grown and is still on the rise.   Surprisingly enough, the demand for this unique extension service has only increased in demand and popularity.

Eyelash Extensions On the Rise

I became  eyelash extension certified in 2007.    The industries demand was only beginning to make a ripple.

Fast forward to today’s advertising and everyone is jumping aboard.

The mascara ads have really been trending, in the past year, and I would be curious to know if it is because of the staggering popularity of eyelash extensions.

The next time you look at an actual mascara ad, be sure to look at (usually) the bottom of the advertisement for the words, “lash inserts”.   Lash inserts are another name for “eyelash extensions”.


Eyelash Extension Companies


How many eyelash extension companies are there?eyelash extensions by Ann Marie Walts- Extensions Ma

So many, these days.

I have used the products and or tested products from two of my favorite brands; which  are Bella Lashes® & Xtreme Lashes®


Longer Lashes Expectations



Whether it be a professional eyelash extension company clambering to acquire the professionals’ attention and or the mascara manufacturers’ trying to convince the consumer that their brand is the best; what can you do to get the results that you are looking for?

  1. Decide what is realistic for your lifestyle
  2. Know that eyelash extensions will always be able to deliver actual length
  3. Consider your beauty budget
    1. Mascara versus getting an extension service


Pros & Cons Comparison

Eyelash Extensions

  • Time management
    • Extensions will save you time not having to put your mascara on everyday
    • Treatments are extremely relaxing


  • You can wear less makeup
    • You will wake up look refreshed and awake
    • Less pulling on your delicate eye area


  • Budgeting your money
    • Eyelash Extensions require monthly maintenance
    • About the same price as a gourmet cup of coffee per day




  • Time Management
    • Requires more time to apply and remove daily


  • Does not always look like the advertisements
    • Remember many of them use lash inserts   See Article


  • Budgeting your money
    • There is not comparison of price
    • Mascara will always be a “cheaper” option



Why Eyelash Extensions?


This unique luxury service is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure is truly an extension service.   Extensions can give you immediate gratification of length and fullness.

How long do eyelash extensions last?    Indefinitely….with maintenance.


For more information or learn more on what to expect:

Ann Marie Walts


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