Facebook – How To Check Your Privacy Settings

Facebook – How To Check Your Privacy Settings


“How To” Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings

What information are you sharing inside your Facebook Account?

When is the last time you did check your settings?

If you haven’t in awhile, and or do not know how to check your Facebook settings, then you’ll want to watch my video on how to.


What information is being shared, if you do not have it set to “only me”?

Did you know that if your settings are not locked to “only me”, that the following might be set to “everyone” or the public?

  •  Email Address
  • Your phone number
  • Your Friends List
  • How About…………Search Engines????



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Share This With A Friend….A Real Friend.

Let’s face it, the internet is not ever going away.

The way we communicate is forever changed.

Be sure to change your passwords often, and if you have a difficult time remembering all of them, then you may want to consider a password vault.


As the internet is a tool……the last part of the word ends in “net”….please do not let your information fall into the wrong hands.


Please do two things for me…..change your settings, and get out from behind your glass.   Go grab a real cup of coffee, or a martini with a real friend!

Thank you for reading.  ~ Ann Walts





Is Social Media A Fishbowl?

Is Social Media A Fishbowl?

Internet ArchivesAnn Marie Walts- Social Media Post

Social Media can be a great marketing tool for business.  There is simply no arguing that,but when it comes to freely posting personal status updates when is posting to freely too much?

What is too much?   Does it mean too often or simply posting everything that moves you.    As privacy is a really important topic, have you ever thought that every status update becomes part of that company’s website database?   They may not “own’ the content, but it does have to be stored within the group website for functionality.

Many of us were raised with that advice that “you should not talk to strangers”, and yet in today’s world many very personal status updates may be posted for everyone to see.

Over the last 10 years, I have had a growing interest in how the internet itself works, and the dynamics can be very interesting.  I began to look at the use of the internet differently when I learned that some information (such as previous versions of my own website) is actually archived and stored……for years.

Upon discovering “Internet Archive: WaybackMachine”, did I look at using the internet a little differently.   An archive, really?

This past summer, I did a social media experiment and did not log into my personal account for 60 days, and removed the app from my phone.

After calculating that if I were to just view “what was going on” for only 1 minute, 10 times over a month, that was equal to 6 hours!  No way??!

Now why?   Something, was “technically wrong” with my business page, and support did not respond; initially.  I started questioning my own use of my “private page”, and took a break.

What I found is that going to lunch in person or truly catching up with family and friends…in person is much more rewarding than logging into a website to “see what is going on”.

As a marketing vehicle, social media is a great way for visitors to “see” what is going on.

For personal use, has social media become a fishbowl?   What you post publicly is what can be seen.

Is it TMI?


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