Video- A Headshot With Makeover Testimonial

Video- A Headshot With Makeover Testimonial

Headshot Photography – Put At Ease

Are you ever a bit self conscious when getting your headshot photograph taken?

You are not alone, but when you are put at ease, when working with a professional photographer….it makes the whole experience much more fun!


Corines’ Story

In our video, Corine shares her own personal experience of what helped her have a pleasant experience.

I am always appreciative to have clients share the “what” worked for them.    Getting a makeover and a personal photo shoot are just that, personal.    The convenient offerings that really create a unique experience are the fact that, when you hire me….you can get your photographs, hair, and makeup done.    All by myself.

You will get a private & pampering appointment experience.



Artistic Photography Western Ma

 Ann Marie Walts Photography Western Ma


Coming Soon!

Creativity lends itself to many ideas.  I am extremely excited to be opening my western mass photography studio, this fall.

If you are reading this, first of all, I want to say “thank you”!   Next, I want to share with you that my journey as a professional photography began in 2001.   That is when I fell in love with photography.

Over the course of the last 15 years, I have been very much involved within field of beauty.  western-ma-photographer-ann-marie-walts

Why, and how?   I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed being a makeover artist, first of all.

In fact, I still am.   My journey with my first (currently active) profession kept me very busy and influenced by other artists.

My photography work has been published in various, beauty related, publications.   I have enjoyed, immensely, the opportunities that have had me be “behind the scenes” photographing Fashion Week.

My style of photography is artistic, photojournalistic, and all the while connecting with people to put them at ease.

Ann Marie Walts Photography will be offering sessions by appointment only with focusing on consulting with clients, to best provide an excellent experience.

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Macro Photography

Macro Photography

Macro photography really can capture the smallest details in life. Macro-Photography-Ann-Marie-Walts  I love the texture that this lens can capture.

I shoot with a Canon 5d Mark III, and fell in love with photography in 2001.


This particular shot of this flower was actually taken in my kitchen.

The Beauty Of Venice

The Beauty Of Venice

Ann-Marie-Walts-PhotographyVenice is so captivating, and it is incredible how old it is as well.  The color of the buildings, along the canal, make for interesting reflections.

The distortion of the reflections, made some of the reflections look like an abstract painting.

The movies do not do the scenery justice.

This is definitely a place to go visit.



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