Real People. Real Marketing for Salons

Real People. Real Marketing for Salons

Real People.

Real Marketing.



Photographs are the fastest way to communicate what your brand is about, for you as a business.

As for a client, too, photographs can help to communicate how and what they might be wanting to achieve for their hair.



Bridging The Gap


Can your business really deliver the results that a new client might be looking for?

How to better showcase what your strengths really are by showcasing you actual work of real people. 

Over the course of the last 20 years, it has been my life’s work to capture real photographs to communicate what is “realistically” achievable, as a business owner.

Today’s Salon Marketing

2 seconds…not 3!Image-Makeover-Ann-Marie-Walts-Western-Ma-Photographer


Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat…….and all of the social media channels that are available are always screaming for our attention, but are such an extremely valuable  marketing asset.

We only have about 2 seconds to grab anyone’s attention, and then it something else will grab it.

Way back, in the dark ages….lol, there were hair styling books, and that was before social media.   It was a really big deal to get “published” in one.

Now we hit….publish…to our feeds. 


Stylized Salon Shoot!


Salon life can get really hectic and busy.    The salon day can go by in such a fury, that it is easy to fall in the trap of going on “automatic”, and sometimes some of the creativity can get lost, along the way. 

From personal and professional experiences, I have found that when you slow down to remember “why” you got into the business to begin with… can reconnect with your passion.  



Double The Fun!Vision-Image-Branding


Picture finding a client or a “hair model” that would trust you enough to change their look, and be willing to work with you on a shoot?


What would you imagine yourself wanting to create together?


How would that make both you and your “REAL PEOPLE” model feel?




What better way to slow down than to participate in a stylized shoot! 





Showcasing Your Real Salon Marketing

Bring it to Print! 

My business would love to work with you, to customize a wonderful & creative beauty photo shoot workshop-like experience.    

Let’s bring your creativity to life. 

Let’s bring it to print & Let it be showcased on your salon shelves  (Like shown above) 

Let is be featured on YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA!



Real People.  Real Marketing for YOUR SALON!    

Thank you ~ Ann Marie Walts 

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