Conquer Your Frizzy Hair

Conquer Your Frizzy Hair

Hair Smoothing Treatments

Let’s see what hair smoothing treatments can do for you!

If you are tired of battling your frizzy hair, then you are not alone.   Your hair frizzes because it lacks moisture.  This is why when it get humid out, your hair will frizz.

There are many hair smoothing treatments that can help you conquer your frizzy hair!

  • Agave!  – Sugar based smoother
  • Cezanne – Glycolic acid & Keratin
  • Retex — Japanese Straightening (Permanent Straightening)




Healthier For Your Hair

If you are using a flat iron on your curly hair on a regular basis, then get a hair smoothing treatment will be healthier for your hair.    The reason why is that when you get a smoothing treatment, the treatment can and will make styling your hair easier.

If you have a curly haircut that is really meant to be blown out smooth, then getting a treatment will be the best thing that you have done yet.



To Smooth versus Make It Straight?


This will be really your personal preference.


Want it smoother?   

If you like your curl, and just want to get rid of the frizz then the technology of the “smoothers” can do that.

Cezanne for example can leave the texture, and get rid of the frizz.



Want to straighten it????   

If you cannot stand your curl and frizz then you will want to get a treatment like Retex done.   This is “Japanese Straightening”



How Long Will It Last?


Hair smoothing treatments can last 8 to 10 weeks!

Hair Straightening treatments can last up to 6 months!

So, can you imagine what you could do with all of your time that you are spending on using a flat iron to get the job done?

All of the excess heat can really damage your hair to a point of no return.     If you get your hair problem professionally treated, it will be healthier for your hair, in the long run.


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