Nourishing Your Hair With Color

Nourishing Your Hair With Color


Botanical Based Hair Color

Hair color that is good for your hair?    Is that possible?


JBeverly Hills hair color is botanically based.   One of the key ingredients is Aloe Vera!     That is exciting because it is so ultra soothing.


Less Than 1% Ammonia

What can cause damage to your hair?    It is ammonia.

Not all hair color lines or products are created equal.      Ammonia can be very harsh on your hair, but this is what makes JBeverly Hills hair color line so unique!

Their line has less than 1% of ammonia.     That is unheard of, and as a professional hair colorist, honestly I was very curious “how” if was going to work.

Well it does, and very well!


How To Get Very Blonde Hair?

How To Get Very Blonde Hair?

Very Cool Blonde Hair Color

Very cool blonde hair  is all the trend.    Whether you flavor of hair color is pale blonde, platinum or the high fashion grey to silver tones….the health of your hair needs to be your top priority.Photographer-Near-Me-Western-Ma-Loft-Salon

If you are wanting to achieve the lightest shade of blonde or tones of platinum blonde hair, then it is best to have your hair professionally done.

Why?   The over the counter or drug store hair color is simply not the same.     


Leave It To A Pro

When it comes to achieving perfectly blond-ed hair, the color application is so crucial.   So, this is definitely of the main reasons that you will want to “leave it to a pro”.

An uneven hair color application will lead to…………UNEVEN HAIR COLOR!      

If you are trying to blonde your own hair, you can ultimately really damage your hair, because if you overlap your color; then that can lead to damage.



Not Light Enough?

Another challenge, at home, is if you are not able to get your hair light enough.

There is nothing more frustrating than having brassy hair.


The Difference

The difference of just coloring your hair versus working with a professional hair colorist is that you will be able to stress less.

A professional hair colorist has the training and expertise to analyze the current health of your hair, and help you achieve your goal(s).

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