Watch Video – What kind of hair extensions are there?

Watch Video – What kind of hair extensions are there?

What types of hair extensions are there?


Hair Extension Expert – Ann Marie Walts explains:


 All Types of Hair Extensions – Fusion, Tape & Clip Ins from Ann Marie Walts – Artist on Vimeo.

The best hair extensions will be the ones that are best suited for your hair, and your lifestyle.    When you watch the hair extension video,  we cover the various options.


  • Clip-In Extensions (HIGH MAINTENANCE)  are good for adding hair for a temporary fix.   Such as a one day event, or maybe you want to make your hair look longer for the weekend.


  • Tape Hair Extensions(MEDIUM MAINTENANCE)  These are great for an “upgrade from clip-ins”.   They can be very comfortable and lay very flat.   Wearing time : Averages about 4 to 6 weeks.


  • The Best Hair Extensions” are Fusion or Cold Fusion – (LONGER INSTALLATION – BUT IT WILL LAST THE LONGEST)   You will pay more, however these options offer the most customization.     Wearing Time:  Averages from 3 months to 5 months!

How To Create Bohemian Curls

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Revive Coconut Oil – Soften Your Hair

Revive Coconut Oil – Soften Your Hair

Revive Coconut Oil

Unbelievable Ingredients!

Formulated with coconut, argan and grape seed oil to help strengthen the hair’s elasticity while retaining moisture to better protect from the heat, resulting in smooth and shiny hair.


Not Greasy!

If you have tried various hair serums, but have not yet found one that you love….then you need to try Revive.     The coconut oil is not greasy.   It will not weigh your hair down.

You will find that it if you put a couple of drops on your hands, and rub them together, that the oil gets absorbed into your hands.

Some hair serums only sit on the outside of the hair strand.    Revive does not.


5 Year Old Hair

The average hair strand age is about 5 years old.

Over that 5 years, the your has probably been blown dried, flat ironed and curled….countless times.    All of that heat can leave your hair dry, brittle and lacking moisture.

Revive Coconut Oil can protect your hair and add flexibility to your dry hair.     It is great for curly hair, too!


Pharmaceutical Grade Molecules

What does the size of a molecule have to do with anything???

Many products make claims, however, how many times have you purchased something and been disappointed?

J Beverly Hills has pharmaceutical grade size moles, and this is very cool because the molecules are small enough to penetrate into your hair!

When products can penetrate into your hair, that is when your hair can experienced actually being repaired.   Your hair will become healthier from the inside out.


How To Use:

Revive is very concentrated.   It will last you a long time, too.

  • You start with dispensing 2 to 3 pumps onto the palm of your hair
  • Rub your hands together
  • Apply to towel dried hair
  • Blow dry your hair


When applying to your hair.…apply to your ends and mid lengths.     If your hair tends to go “flat” then keep the oil off of your scalp.    (I cannot share with you, though, how light weight this product is)


Can you use it on dry hair, too?  

You sure can.


Rule of common sense:   Always start out with a little.

You are best to go back for more, then to apply too much.


Tips For Curly Hair Haircuts

Curly Haircut Tips




If you have curly hair, then you already know that your hair cannot be cut the same, as straight hair.    Finding a hairstylist that can cut curly hair can be challenging.

Your curly hair, most likely, has a mind of its own.

Not all curly hair is the same either.



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