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Check Your Baggage For Your Flight Called Life!

You were born without the ability to walk or you can. It's your time to RUN!

It's Time To Do A Baggage Check!

If you have ever traveled in your lifetime, and have to pack for a trip, then you know that most airlines typically only allow you to bring two back.

They may allow for a personal item and an additional carry-on, too.

When packing for your trip, don't you only bring the items that you get you convenience and comfort and are essential to the needs of your journey???

  • Anticipation
  • Excitement
  • Imagination
  • Exploration
  • Openness To Experiencing Something New?

Generational "Baggage" Issues Need Not Be Checked!

We were all born without the basic life skills of walking and talking, but those two life skills are the most celebrated milestones when they finally occur!

The rest of the "life skills" you were taught growing up will either serve you well or maybe some of the "education" maybe has left you with what I call "generational baggage", and you definitely will not want to take that baggage with you!

Overbearing and possibly miserable parent(s)...

If you have never been a parent yet, then I will suggest that you do provide some slack, however, it doesn't give your parents a free pass if they were not supportive of your independent ideas. They, unfortunately, may be miserable because your grandparents told them what to do with the rest of their life, and so on.

And from one generation to the next, our beliefs and perception about life can be shaped by ideas, that in all actually may not be the best fit for your own personal journey.

Unfortunately, if you don't know there is a different way to live, dream, aim for goals, or dare to think for yourself...then it can result in claiming someone else's baggage as your own.



Live Life To YOUR Fullest Potential!

I have experience in shaping a real phenomenal life for myself and my own family. As a young child, I had a very strong spirit, and was fortunate enough to know what one of my professionals would be "when I grew up".

I'm a very strong advocate for educating others with this, "You may not get to choose your starting point, but you most definitely can CHOOSE where you will go, and you can CHOOSE where you will finish!"



All of the Reality T.V. Drama details of childhood can be left in the past, and I'm so blessed to be a voice of reason for those of you that follow me or have stumbled upon my article.








If you have not allowed yourself to "daydream" in a while, then I suggest that you do so immediately. The video below is not only meant to inspire you, but it is also demonstrates how powerful using your imagination can be transformed.

When we were children, there seems to be such pressure to rush to grow up and run right into adulthood.

Do you find that you have forgotten what it was to think like your younger self?




Now..the question is?

What do you want to start?





None of us will escape boarding the trip called LIFE, so you better pack like you are going on the most fabulous trip that will help you feel grateful, accomplished, and fulfilled.

Ann Marie Walts


Know this! You are awesome, and it's more than ok to follow your heart, passion, and what makes you the happiest in life.

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