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Ann’s Articles

The Beauty Of Venice

The Beauty Of Venice

Venice is so captivating, and it is incredible how old it is as well.  The color of the buildings, along the canal, make for interesting reflections. The distortion of the reflections, made some of the reflections look like an abstract...

GL’s fabulous Nanci Lee is serving up tips on getting the perfect bohemian curl using our brand new GL Tapes⚡️Meet us in LA on July 9th at NeueHouse for an exclusive look at all of our newest products— including our brand new luxury tape-in system, bronde colors, and more! RSVP here: ♥️.

Posted by GreatLengths on Friday, 6 July 2018

How To Create Bohemian Curls

A Dose Of Fearless Motivation

Fearless Motivation Motivation comes in all different forms. I came across Fearless Motivation, one day, in 2018, and have been hooked since. Their tracks are great to listen to, if you need a real kick in the seat of the pants, or need to maybe a different outlook or...

Real People. Real Marketing for Salons

Real People. Real Marketing for Salons

Real People. Real Marketing.     Photographs are the fastest way to communicate what your brand is about, for you as a business. As for a client, too, photographs can help to communicate how and what they might be wanting to achieve for their hair.  ...

Bad Service Makes You Spend More?

Bad Service Makes You Spend More?

Is it true? "For luxury-goods retailers, nothing spikes sales like snubbing the customer. Shoppers pining for a fancy handbag are more likely to pull out their credit cards than turn on their heels after encountering a rude clerk, according to new research" according...

What would you like to change? Hair Color

What would you like to change? Hair Color Hair Color Makeovers Hair color that goes wrong can be so stressful.   We are asked at times...."Do you do hair color?"   Absolutely! If you do, then you do not need to try to do it yourself, or worry that it cannot be fixed.     From...

Acting & Hair Extensions

Acting & Hair Extensions Acting Roles Damaged Hair If you are an actor or actress, you hair can sustain damage if it is necessary for you to change your look often.   This was the case for our lovely guest, Ashley. She will share with you what her "hair story" was,...

Nourishing Your Hair With Color

Nourishing Your Hair With Color

  Botanical Based Hair Color Hair color that is good for your hair?    Is that possible? Absolutely! JBeverly Hills hair color is botanically based.   One of the key ingredients is Aloe Vera!     That is exciting because it is so ultra soothing.   Less Than...

Chrome Nails – Mass Appeal

Chrome Nails – Mass Appeal   Chrome Nails Are Fun!   Chrome nails are a fun and fashionable. We were asked on Mass Appeal to demonstrate this nail technique.   

Revive Coconut Oil – Soften Your Hair

Revive Coconut Oil – Soften Your Hair

Revive Coconut Oil Unbelievable Ingredients! Formulated with coconut, argan and grape seed oil to help strengthen the hair’s elasticity while retaining moisture to better protect from the heat, resulting in smooth and shiny hair.   Not Greasy! If you have tried...

Conquer Your Frizzy Hair

Conquer Your Frizzy Hair

Hair Smoothing Treatments Let's see what hair smoothing treatments can do for you! If you are tired of battling your frizzy hair, then you are not alone.   Your hair frizzes because it lacks moisture.  This is why when it get humid out, your hair will frizz. There are...

Tips For Curly Hair Haircuts

Curly Haircut Tips     If you have curly hair, then you already know that your hair cannot be cut the same, as straight hair.    Finding a hairstylist that can cut curly hair can be challenging. Your...

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