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Artistic Photography Western Ma

 Ann Marie Walts Photography Western Ma   Coming Soon! Creativity lends itself to many ideas.  I am extremely excited to be opening my western mass photography studio, this fall. If you are reading this, first of all, I want to say "thank you"!   Next, I want to...

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Stories From Behind The Chair

It seems just like yesterday that I was attending my first day of hairdressing school, but now fast forward 20+ years and here we are. In the beginning years, much of my time was simply dedicated to learning the "how to" do the various professional services. If you...

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Macro Photography

Macro photography really can capture the smallest details in life.   I love the texture that this lens can capture. I shoot with a Canon 5d Mark III, and fell in love with photography in 2001.   This particular shot of this flower was actually taken in my...

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The Beauty Of Venice

Venice is so captivating, and it is incredible how old it is as well.  The color of the buildings, along the canal, make for interesting reflections. The distortion of the reflections, made some of the reflections look like an abstract...

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About Me

Love creativity & the power of the human imagination. Your thoughts of today can be held in your hands tomorrow...Be brave & share your thoughts.

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