Avoid Damage & Work With An Expert

Hair extensions by themselves do not cause damage.

If you are brand new to wanting to get hair extensions then you will want to look for photos of the actual attachments.    Anyone can just throw some hair on you and then curl it.



Bond Size Does Matter!

I’ve been certified by 6 different hair extension companies, and have been actively designing hair extensions since 2006.

In the early part of my career, I set out to pursue correction work.    If you need your hair color fixed….then I would and still do spend hours fixing that.

If you struggled with your texture and needed that fixed….well that was and is not a problem either.


Bad Hair Extension Corrections?

It’s truly sad to think that there is actually a need for “hair extension corrections”.

But it is so.

At first, I had the wrong misconception that if you spent anything less than $1,000 you could expect to get a lousy job.     In many cases, even today…that is still true.


Poor Applications know no dollar limits…

When you are considering getting hair extensions, and taking that huge leap, it is so important that you get what you pay for.

The most expensive hair extensions are the poor applications.

Poor Applications can cause

  • Loss of money
  • A huge sense of disappointment
  • Headaches
  • You having to get them removed, and then the cost of getting them done properly.



Certified Since 2006

I’m proud to show you my bonds!

Why size matters is because you never want to have too much hair add to each individual section.

You want to be able to wear hair extensions comfortably, and still have your hair be nice and healthy when your hair extensions come out.




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