Welcome to my personal “Creative Space”…aka “Personal Site”.  

As an Artist, I’d love to share with you my interests, and I hope you, too are inspired to not be confined to living in just ONE BOX!

Ann Marie Walts - Lifestyle Blogger


Life does not come with a box or meant to be lived inside one.

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All of my life I have spent makeover people over, and enjoying the trust they have giving doing so.

When I am not blogging, then you will find me transforming people at my private hair extension makeover studio. 


Along the way, I fell in love with technology, blogging, business and all things “geek”.   There is nothing more exciting than helping others find their own creativity to fall in love with the “Beauty” of “Business”


Combining Makeovers, Photography & Marketing  Since 1999

When the internet was only less than 1 decade old, I set out to have my own business.   So, much has changed, presently, with how we connect with people, express who we are, an market our businesses. 

Over the last 20 years, I have spent time educating accross the country, worked within the Fashion Industry, have worked with some celebrities, and acquired knowledge (self-taught) about many things that have to do with technology, digital marketing, search engine optimization, designing graphics and more. 


 Visual Storyteller – Entrepreneur since 1999


As an eclectic, eccentric, technical and artistic thinker with the unsatisfied capacity for learning…you’ll find that when I ask, “How May I help you?”


Most likely there are many, many ways that I can. 


As a Professional Creative, Professional Branding Photographer & Luxury Makeover Expert,  my professional skillsets cannot be defined by just one profession. 


I love blending the creativity or art, beauty, marketing and the love of connecting people into a set of ultra creative resources.


As a Creative Visual Consultant …..I  can help you express your “story”, encourage you to boost your confidence while coaching you to expand your business brand. 


  • Image Consulting
  • Full Service Hair Extension/Hair Color Transformations
  • Photography for both Personal & Personal Branding of your Business
  • Small to Medium Size Business Marketing
  • Set Up Social Media
  • Set Up WordPress Website
  • Specialized Coaching for Search Engine Optimization
    • (and I’m not just saying it)


 My services are the “right fit” for the “right fit”, and you get what you pay for when we work together.  

The Story

Ann Marie Walts, first set out to be a hairstylist when she saw a photograph in a style book in 1978, and she was only a little girl.

Fastforward that portion of her eclectic passions, and she has been sought out for her extreme makeovers.  As an expert in Hair Extensions, Corrective Hair Color, and pretty much anything you need from “head to toe”…she has literally change the looks of 1,000’s of clients appearances.

Her first 5 years of her career she worked for & in a traditional salon setting.   Then in 1999, she set out to go into business for herself and want to create a difference.    It was then, that she opted to stop “double booking” to create a very relaxed experience.     She was then able to focus  on providing 1 on 1 appointments. 



Photograhy is such a visual artform.  In 2001, Ann Marie Walts could be found in a very traditional darkroom developing traditional film.   Fast forward to today….she can provide to you Professional Photography to help you be your own “storyteller” 






Ann’s Mission

Ann’s mission is to really create a customized experience to meet your needs.

To put you at ease, and help you transform the way you feel from the inside to the outside. 

Through our photography, help you to be able to visually express yourself, your business and your brand.   


 Should your photographic need be of a personal nature, we enjoy creating smiles and working with you to capture what you are wanting to experience. 



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