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~Ann Marie Walts Published Eclectic Artist


Creativity has no boundaries other than the limitations of our own imaginations.

My profession(s) cannot be limited to just one.

My specialties are many, and that is because of my passion for the “creative process” and education.

If I was asked “won’t can you not do?”, then I will have to tell you that is the ability to actually swim.   On my list, to learn though.



For the last 25 years, and currently I get paid to “play with hair”….no really, I take my job seriously as hairstylist, and I love being able to help clients look great and feel awesome.


In 2001, I feel in love with photography and then that lead to a second profession, that it tied into the first.


Fast forward to today….the digital age is here.   It is not going away, and over the last 10 years I fell in love with technology, graphics and some “geek” stuff.


  • Graphics (Self Taught)
  • Webmaster (Self Taught)
  • Search Engine Optimization (Self Taught)
  • Google Analytics (Self Taught)
  • Social Media Marketing (Self Taught)

“WHY”  My peronal/professional blog:

As an artist, & entreprenuer I decided to build a blog that may act as a creative space to share the eclectic topics that are posted.  

The opinions expressed are solely my own, and I do not receive compensation if I make a recommedation of a brand, etc.   

My response, too, if asked “what do you do?”…… I will ask you, “How may I help you/”

Much like a coat /hat  rack or a swiss army knife, I wear many hats and can provide to you many creative options, and efficiently

I am a very detail oriented artist that encourages others to utilize their imaginations more.   I truly feel that creativity, imagination that are coupled with an appetite for education….makes a combination that makes the world a much larger and more interesting place.

I live to create, and to be around others that like the same.

Thank you for stopping by my website!



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