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Eyelash Extensions – Experience VS Coupons

Eyelash Extensions – Experience VS Coupons

Eyelash Extensions & Coupons

Looking for Eyelash Extension Deals: 50 to 90% off deals in Eyelash Extensions” ???   Eyelash Extensions - Groupon

  Be very, very cautious shopping for a luxury service like this, like you would for your groceries or a stick of butter.

You only have one pair of eyes.     Big box discounting website companies business models can be very alluring, however the old adage “you get what you pay for”……..can prove it’s self true.

I have been certified for 11 years, and twice the most popular “discount” website (without permission) made a business listing in my businesses name.

They since have taken it down, this week, but it is not cool.

Let me share with you how the deals work:

How some of the 50 to 90% off deals in Eyelash Extensions deals happen by the following way:

  • The big discount company sells the business on a very expensive “opportunity” based advertising business model.
  • The participating business has to put their eyelash extensions service up for 50% off……to get exposure.
    • The big discount company then takes another 25% commission.
    • Then when you buy it…….the big discount company issues a 1099 tax form & then Uncle Sam comes and takes out their 20+% in taxes.

How do I know, and why would I share this……..because companies like this move into an area, and actual can hurt small businesses.

There becomes prices wars, with the potential of quality of work going to the way side.



Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Procedure

Eyelash extensions are applied with surgical grade adhesive.   If you are brand new to getting this service, please choose wisely and seek a experience professional.

The big box discount websites are only concerned about securing the sale….they do not know how to do eyelash extensions.

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