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A Different Business Model- Sucuri

Businesses Are Different

Today’s internet environment can literally be a jungle.   The need for internet security should not be a luxury but should be more accessible for everyone, and especially small businesses.Sucuri Security

If you have read any of my posts about technology or hosting, then you will have read my experience about my hosting account getting compromised not fun.

The months have flown and successfully much has been learned; as well as rebuilt.    With life there will be “challenges” that I like to take them as learning experiences.

My technical “challenges” from early this spring led me down the road of reading so much about cyber security.

I came across a company that really sounded like they knew what they were doing, and the cost of the monthly fees seemed to warrant what I had learned.   The previous company that was provided me my services were costing me roughly $120-$130 per month per website.


Technical Support For A Fee

I think we can all agree that we are all willing to pay for services, as long as the technical support you get is equivalent to the value of the services being offered.

Personally, and professionally this is “why” I have been a loyal Mac customer versus anything else.   It’s not to say that something more affordable will not be the better option.


Paying $100’s per month versus “More Affordable”

I spent 4 months with a the other company and spent a pretty penny.


 Was my decision to switch to Sucuri base on a “cheaper” option?

Definitely not.


When a company is going to charge clients over $100 a month and or any dollar amount then they should have the consistent “technical” configuration skills to configure their own product within your hosting account.

It was my experience, twice, that I had my Firewall not configured right and the company put up the wrong websites!   They were provided the correct information, and on the second “oops” I had followed their managements directions to the “T”.


One time may be deemed as a mistake, but a second time I chose to take my business elsewhere.



More Affordable…What’s The Catch?


When I entered into chat with Sucuri the first question I asked was why were they priced so much differently from their competition?


The  agent was typing………………………


Our business model is different.  We feel and believe that security needs to be more accessible and affordable for everyone


Not sure that I have ever been more impressed with such a professional answer.  To boot from a “chat box”.



Sucuri’s Dashboard


First impressions cannot be remade or apologized for.   Once they are made that’s it.

Once I created my account with Sucuri, I was so very impressed.  Additionally, technically speaking, now felt like I was a kid in a candy store.


I am still dumbfounded at the differences in what is offered……..for the price.    


This image is a screenshot of traffic visiting my blog.






Starting At $199 ……Business Models Are Different

My honest commentary to the competitor that I just left was that the make the “customer service experience” easier for a client that wants to cancel……have a cancellation button/area in the dashboard.    

From My Professional Experience

If you are going to charge for a service, then charge what you like; however its important to have the tools and support to back up what you are asking for a price.


Want Exceed A Clients Expectation?

I was coached that you should never “over-promise”, yet “over deliver”.

Definitely A Different Business Model.

Sucuri Security


Time is money.    Save your time & hire Sucuri.



*These opinions are mine and are based on actual experiences.   Rarely do I ever place banner links back to a business.

Ann Marie Walts~Blogger

Stories From Behind The Chair

Stories From Behind The Chair

It seems just like yesterday that I was attending my first day of hairdressing school, but now fast forward 20+ years and here we are.

In the beginning years, much of my time was simply dedicated to learning the “how to” do the various professional services.

If you are entering this industry, then what I can tell you is that it is best to go ever class you can get your hands on.   Another piece of advice is to sharpen your listening skills, from the beginning.

One of the most important things that I learned, from a former employer was this…….”Even if a client does not know what they want, then ask them what they do not like.”

That is so true, and that will remain a constant even when you are a seasoned vet.


Harmony Of Listening & Skill

How do you get to become a stylist that hears those magic words……”just do what you want”?   In my experience, it takes time and the ability to put clients at ease to trust you.

The sooner they feel like your are listening to them, the quicker they will feel comfortable with you to make changes to their hair.


….No, I color my hair at homeat-home-hair-color

Over the last year, I have been fortunate to meet with several clients for consultations.   Many of the consultations are having a common thread.

Some of the problematic situations that clients have shared with me were that they experienced stylists that did not listen or were overbooked.

The main emphasis was the “not listening” part.


The picture shown is part of this story of “why” this client decided to color her hair at home.   I was really surprised that her color was done at home but more interested as to why.

She shared that not only was she not listened to, but that her hair was over processed by the stylist.   Ouch.

Hair color is one of my favorite subjects because I used to educate for Redken. It saddens me to hear that a client went to a salon to seek professional hair color and had such a bad experience.


The Balancing Act

I am a very visual hairstylist that can sometimes, immediately,  “see” what may look great on a new guest, but have to pace my own enthusiasm to provide effective consultations.

About 17 years ago, I changed the way I provided my services “behind the chair”.

My first “service” is a customer orientated consultation.

The balancing act is the on going ability to really listen to what the client is trying to explain, convey and want; with providing the technical abilities & advice to deliver it.







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