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Luxury Makeover Expert & Personal Branding Photographer

100% Creativity + Consulting = Solutions

Hair Extensions + Image Consulting + Photography + Digital Marketing = Your 1 to 1 Creative Resource

More than “just” your hair..WAY MORE!
Ann Marie Walts-Best Hairstylist Near Me

ANN WALTS ~ Motivational Quotes

“If someone tells you that you cannot do or be something… be sure to thank them… when you do, and you have done it well!”

My Services

Creative Image Consulting

The secret to fixing your image is to work with an expert that can help put you at ease with yourself.   And the rest will fall into place, at your consultation.

Luxury Hair Extension Makeovers & Corrective Color

Give me 1 day and I’ll give you Luxury Hair Extension Makeover that will save you time from growing your hair out.   As well as give you a boost in your confidence. 



Photography & Technology

For when you need photography and technology, after your complete Image Makeover…you’ll be able to expand your personal brand!  

100% I Love

What I Do 

“Life is not a competition when you love what you do.   Life is better than good. 🙂

Because when you authentically love what you do…it shows. 

And when you recognize that you are unique right where you stand…you learn that you simply do not have anything to prove…to anyone!”

~ by Ann Walts


Change Your Image

You know you want to!   Experience your very own ultra-customized & ultra-exclusive “Big City-like” makeover.


29+ Years Experience

And I have spent close to $100,000 on furthering my education in my Beauty Industry.  What is your #1 problem with your hair?  Let’s Fix It!


A Team of One Plus You!

You and I are “The Team”.    My life’s work has been to help clients feel their best, and look fantastic!   No chaotic traditional salon experience.   Just you in the studio!

1 To 1 Attention

100% About You

Experience getting treated like a celebrity & Ultra Exclusivity

In 1999, I stopped double booking clients. I slowed down to focus on consulting, listening, and providing expert recommendations, that through clear communication renders results.


"Stand back for the ARTIST at work! Ann Marie provides individualized, customized RESULTS that matter, Every time I leave The Loft I am transformed and SMILING. She is a master of her craft(s), which is totally to my benefit! And she loves what she does ,so she rocks it – every time! I would highly recommend this experience for extensions (lashes and hair), color, cuts nails and toes, but only for those people who know they deserve and expect a higher level of service and experience"

Laura W.


“She sees things through her lens that will bring the moments you want to last a lifetime stay with you forever in the pictures she takes.  She doesn’t just take pictures, she captures the story. Being the lead singer of a band, I have had many pictures taken of me over the years. Nothing can compare to the way Ann Marie can catch the beautiful moments that are real, either by directing the shot or just capturing those moments you think no one else saw, she does. You can see the feeling in the picture and that’s what I’ve found is so rare and what I have found in Ann Marie’s work. If you want a photographer who is a true professional artist, look no further.”

Laurie Hogan

Real Estate Agent & Vocalist

I call Ann Marie my swiss army knife..She is spot on and is a pleasure to have on my team. She is my go to girl… RC

Ron Contarsy - NYC Photograper

Partner at Highmark Studio New York, New York, United States

What Is The Process To Book:

Step 1

Preliminary Pre-Consultation Intake

It will, first, be necessary to fill out a pre-consultation intake.  From here I am able to professionally gather some preliminary information before we actually book a consultation.    This step is necessary before actually setting up a consultation. 

Step 2

Wait & Check Your Inbox

Be sure to check your inbox and your junk box for follow up information.    If you have GMAIL, be sure to check your "Promotions" tab.   Please allow up to a maximum of 1-2 business days for me to respond.    (I may be in a 10-hour full day appointment & want to provide undivided attention when I make contact)

Step 3

Go Over The Information Received

The solutions that I design usually are quite involved and will require your cooperative participation.  Please note that if you are "only price shopping" and looking for "just prices", that my business does not provide ranges, and or estimates without first meeting with you.    

I need to be able to see you in person, touch your hair, match your color, etc.    Thank you.

Step 4

Scheduling An Actual Consultation

Plan on up to 60 minutes, at your 1 to 1 private consultation.  My consultations are designed for the individual that is actually ready to make a decision at the end of this appointment.   If we are a fit, please have your professional calendar ready, and be sure to let your financial institution know that you will be making a transaction at either AMW Photography and/or Loft Salon Studio.    A Deposit and Appointment Agreement will need to be signed, and your dates will be scheduled.  *All Deposits and Fees are Non-Refundable.  My business reserves the right to refuse service, in the event that we are not a fit, and/or the services are not in your best interest according to the consultation intake.  *My business policies are extremely transparent, and I only work with individuals that are open-minded, polite, and like to work together as a team. 

Contact Us

2301 Westfield Street West Springfield, Ma 01089

(413) 734-6204

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