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Q. What do you choose to write about if you are a creative?

A.  Whatever you want!

Think it.  Ink it.  Create it.


  • Creative Thinking 100%
  • Love Being a Hockey Mom! 100%
  • Interests In Technology & Social Media 100%
  • Love Photography & Providing Makeovers 100%

Recent Posts

Hair Extensions Are Like Extra Fabric

Artistic Thinking Many years ago, I spent a lot of time sewing.   You cannot sew without fabric. I started providing hair extension a little later in my career, and I am so glad that I did! Having the ability to “add hair” reminds me of my days that I...

Condescension Among Professions

Have you ever experienced, in a social situation, the infamous question of “what do you do? ” There are times, looking back, that I feel that life can be so rushed.    I know that the back of my Barbie doll box did not come with a set of instructions for...

Don’t Get Burned By Your Sunsrceen

Some Sunscreens Not Safe? Everyday is a day to learn something new, and I was very disappointed to learn, most recently, that some of the well know sunscreens may not be the best choice for my family. has an article that lists some of the brands that...

Eyelash Extensions Trend On The Rise

Eyelash Extensions On The Rise   Who would think that eyelash extensions would be a thing? In the past 10 years, the industry has grown and is still on the rise.   Surprisingly enough, the demand for this unique extension service has only increased in demand and...

A Different Business Model- Sucuri

Businesses Are Different Today’s internet environment can literally be a jungle.   The need for internet security should not be a luxury but should be more accessible for everyone, and especially small businesses. If you have read any of my posts about...

Stories From Behind The Chair

It seems just like yesterday that I was attending my first day of hairdressing school, but now fast forward 20+ years and here we are. In the beginning years, much of my time was simply dedicated to learning the “how to” do the various professional...

Macro Photography

Macro photography really can capture the smallest details in life.   I love the texture that this lens can capture. I shoot with a Canon 5d Mark III, and fell in love with photography in 2001.   This particular shot of this flower was actually taken in my...

Is Social Media A Fishbowl?

Internet Archives Social Media can be a great marketing tool for business.  There is simply no arguing that,but when it comes to freely posting personal status updates when is posting to freely too much? What is too much?   Does it mean too often or simply posting...

The Beauty Of Venice

Venice is so captivating, and it is incredible how old it is as well.  The color of the buildings, along the canal, make for interesting reflections. The distortion of the reflections, made some of the reflections look like an abstract painting. The movies do not do...

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