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Published Artist,
Creative Doer.

Love what you do…it will love you back.

Ann Marie Walts- Hair Extensions-Photographer-Editorial Manicurist

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Since 1993 I create what I believe in. As a published artist, I feel that if you love what you do, then it will love you back.

I’m a challenged driven artist that loves to create, with people that share the same passion and values as I have.

If you feel like this is you. I’d love to work with you.

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Influenced By Fashion

Over the course of my career, my involvement within the Beauty Industry has had me actively involved in NYC for photoshoots, formerly educating hair color for Redken/Loreal Education, & regularly seeking out education in general.

To date, I have work on countless NYC shoots  and with extraoridinarily talented people/artists.

The planning that it takes to create beautiful shoots, involves much creativity and an immense attention to detail(s).

See My Published Manicures & to read my ecclectic blog.

Live To Create!

Whether working with a client & changing how they look and feel… I strive to be consistent & kind.

Drawn To Other Artists!

I am drawn to work  with other talented people.

I have always felt that creativity is contagious and should be shared.

The best gift you can gift is giving in itself.

Ann Marie Walts


I love being a stylish hockey mom, first before anything!

My career as a hairstylist began in 1992.  But if I was really honest with you then it was…….when my first Barbie doll suffered her first haircut in the late 70’s.   Lol.

2 Careers & 1 Artist!

My love of photography began in a darkroom, in 2001.    Digital photography has taken over, these days, but I will always have fond memories of watching a print come to life in the darkroom trays.

Life can get so busy, and the fascinating thing about photography, is that a camera can actually stop time.

I am very fortunate to be an eclectic published artist, hairstylist of 24 years & going, and an entrepreneur.   Creativity lends itself to many avenues.

My style of photography is:

  • Artistic
  • Detail Oriented
  • Lifestyle & Events

My work has had me photographing “behind the scenes” at Fashion Week, to providing commercial headshots for employees of Redken/Loreal USA for advertising.

Very Much A Creative

My other profession & business (located in West Springfield, Ma) is The Loft Salon Studio.

I am a seasoned hairstylist of 24 years, and am very active in the beauty industry.  I am know stranger with designing hair or working on shoots.

When it comes to “The Bride” I have very much to offer.    Photography, Hair & Makeup.

Ann Marie Walts

413-734-6204  Business Phone

413-642-1472 Business Text Line for all inquires.

(Salon, Photography & Freelance)